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Paul F. Grundeman, PhD

UMC Utrecht

Associate Professor

Paul F. Grundeman, PhD


The focus of Dr. Grundeman's research is innovation in the field of cardiovascular diseases and development of novel devices/therapies thereof. He has extensive experience in experimental cardiovascular surgery, especially in the field of minimal invasive technologies. He is co-inventor of the Octopus(r) tissue stabilizer (US patent 9,927,284 + extentions), which is invented for (closed-chest) beating heart coronary surgery (no heart lung machine required) and currently commercialised by Medtronic Inc. The Octopus(r) is designed to stabilise any target area of the heart surface and then work with unimpeded view as the bypass is sutured in place. He has played a significant role in the development of the Octopus, teaching and clinical introduction worldwide. Currently, as inventor of the Spacemaking device (patent ES229770, facilitating manoeuvrability for endoscopic instruments), (pre)clinical feasibility is being explored. In an open innovation track which started in 2012, he initiated a multi-year collaboration with DSM, a Dutch based multinational company, for the development of a minimally invasive novel deployable heart valve for life made of Dyneema Purity(r) UHMWPE.