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Masahiro Kino-oka, PhD

Osaka University

Professor in Department of Biotechnology

Masahiro Kino-oka, PhD


Masahiro KINO-OKA is one of leaders in the field of manufacturing for cell and tissue products; individuals who seem able to contribute to the standardization of the cell processing facility and bioreactor. His current research interests are Bioprocess engineering to establish the cell and tissue manufacturing system including the fields of Bioreaction Engineering, Bioprocess design, and Stem Cell Engineering. Toward, the current professional status, Masahiro KINO-OKA earned his B.S. in Department of Chemical Engineering at Osaka University in 1989, and M.S. in 1991. He became the research assistant, Department of Chemical Engineering, Osaka University (1991-2000), having the project of bioreactor and process design for plant tissue culture. After getting the Ph.D. in 1996, he spent one year as a visiting staff in the Department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Switzerland (ETH) in Zurich and started the new project for bioreactor design for human cells toward clinical application. After returning Japan (1997), he promoted twice in his five-year tenure (Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Osaka University (2000), Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Osaka University (2003), and finally three years ago (2009) he earned a current position of Professor in Biotechnology, Osaka University. Prior to Department of Biotechnology, Kino-oka had many experiences for bioreactor and process designs for human cell culture toward clinical application. Now he starts new projects for manufacturing including facility design of cell and tissue processing. To develop the facility, he has joined to ISO to be international member in ISO TC198 / WG9 for aseptic processing.