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David W. Grainger, PhD

University of Utah


David W. Grainger, PhD


David W. Grainger is a University Distinguished Professor and George S. and Dolores Dor Eccles Presidential Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Utah. Grainger's research focuses on improving drug delivery methods, implanted medical device and diagnostics performance, and nanomaterials toxicity. Grainger has published 175 research papers and 23 book chapters on biomaterials innovation in medicine and biotechnology, and novel surface chemistry. He has won research awards, including the 2013 Excellence in Surface Science Award (Surfaces in Biomaterials Foundation), the 2007 Clemson Award for Basic Research (Society for Biomaterials), and the 2005 American Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturer's Association's award for Excellence in Pharmaceutics, and several teaching awards.