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Technology Development/ New Biomaterials for Immune Engineering

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Room 213 B/C

Technology Development/ New Biomaterials for Immune Engineering


Biomaterial-based strategies to precisely modulate and control an immune response have emerged as a critical component in a variety of diseases and therapeutic applications. The field of immunology is relatively new as distinct discipline. As immunological principles gain clarity, biomaterial scientists are finding there are many opportunities to contribute to immunology-based therapeutics and basic discovery. This can be through control over architecture, mechanical properties, molecular recognition, cell adhesion, particulates, targeted delivery of key factors, adaptive/responsive materials, as well as many other tools in available in the field of biomaterials. This Symposium will highlight on new material design strategies and technologies to understand and influence material-immune system interactions to modulate the host immune response. Examples include materials for activating or suppressing the immune response, disease mitigation and investigations on how the biochemical and physical properties of materials influence immune cell function will be considered.


Georgia Institute of Technology