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Plenary Session III - Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal

Saturday, April 18, 2015 - 8:15am to 10:15am

Ballroom AB

Plenary Session III - Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal


Medical and Dental treatments including surgical implant devices constituted and fabricated from Biomaterials account for about 14 million clinical applications per year in the USA. As we transition from the Biotolerant and Surface Bioactive to Biodegradable (Tissue Engineered Medical Products-TEMPS and Regenerative Medicine) types of Biomaterials, it seems appropriate that we consider what lessons may be transferred from prior experience(s) gained by participation in the discipline and SFB. Many concepts and ideas were presented and discussed during the initial pre-SFB meetings from 1968-1974 (founding of SFB). For those attending, the multidisciplinary exchanges that focused on Future Applications of Biomaterials were VERY EDUCATIONAL AND EXCITING. The intent of this session, in part, will be to focus on selected concepts/ideas presented and discussed at SFB during the early SFB meetings and details about experience(s) gained from following clinical applications and outcomes over subsequent decades (1974-2015). The Central Theme will be to provide a summary for three types of synthetic origin (metallic, ceramic and polymeric types) and how investigating the biocompatibility and biodurability aspects of properties for devices fabricated from selected biomaterials contributed to longer-term, highly successful, clinical outcomes. The closing panel-open discussion will provide opinions and exchanges about “Information Transfer” from individuals representing University and Industry perspectives.

Oral Presentations

  • Moderators: Linda Lucas, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Joel Bumgardner, University of Memphis

  • Biomaterials, 1968-2015: Experience from Concept to Longer-Term Clinical Outcomes, Jack Lemons, University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Ideas and Successful Outcomes using examples of Elastomers, Art Coury

  • Value and Transfer of Information about Biomaterials at Universities and Industries, Panel Discussion to include perspectives from:

  • Medical Schools: Linda Lucas, Provost, University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Engineering Schools, Warren Haggard, Associate Dean, University of Memphis

  • Industry, Robert Ronk, Biomet, Inc


University of Memphis
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Genzyme (retired)