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Panel Discussion: Trauma: The New Frontier in Biomaterials

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 10:30am to 12:30pm

Room 217 A

Panel Discussion: Trauma: The New Frontier in Biomaterials


There is increasing awareness of the need for optimized treatment of battlefield injuries for severely injured servicemen and women. Federally funded programs to address this need have included the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine (AFIRM) and many Department of Defense-sponsored research projects. The results of this research may also be applied to traumatic injuries of civilians. There has been an exchange of knowledge between what has been learned on the battlefield and what has been learned in hospitals and research laboratories at home. It is important for the Society For Biomaterials (SFB) to foster this exchange by providing a forum to our membership which highlights the successes of this translation. With trauma-related injuries, a major factor is the complexity of the issues due to the involvement of multiple organ systems. Three physicians will address issues regarding trauma injuries relating to orthopaedics, cardiovascular surgery and other organs/tissues. The physicians have a unique perspective in that they have been actively involved in the translation of the knowledge directly gained from battlefield to the treatment of trauma patients in hospitals in the United States. The goal of this panel discussion is to encourage biomaterials scientists and engineers to enter the field of research for traumatic injuries.

Oral Presentations

  • 165. Michael Yaszemski, Mayo Clinic

  • 166. James Ficke, Johns Hopkins University

  • 167. Hassan Tetteh, US Navy, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery


Johns Hopkins University
US Navy, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, BUMED