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Materials and Matrices for Osteochondral Tissue Engineering

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Room 213 A

Materials and Matrices for Osteochondral Tissue Engineering


Osteochondral tissue comprises of bone and cartilage layers separated by a seamless interface. Engineering osteochondral tissue is challenging, as one needs to develop biomaterials and matrix systems that support the regeneration of a complex and well-structured osteochondral tissue. Mono-layered and bi-layered scaffolds have shown some promise in the beginning, however current efforts are focused to design gradiently structured scaffolds or the scaffolds with gradient growth factor profiles. Engineering microenvironment in order to gain control over the local stem cell differentiation towards the osteogenic or chondrogenic lineage is also gaining attention. Overall, this session will focus on novel biomaterials, unique scaffold designs, engineered microenvironments, and growth factor strategies that are needed to support osteochondral tissue repair and regeneration. The session will also cover some of the recent developments in the area of interfacial tissue engineering with respect to osteochondral interface regeneration.

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