Biomaterials for Regenerative Engineering

Due to disease, degeneration, or trauma, there is a tremendous need to repair damaged tissues and organs. Although surgical replacement can be performed to address this issue, insufficient number of donors greatly limits the applicability of this approach. Therefore, it is essential to develop engineered multifunctional biomaterials to promote tissue regeneration. This symposium will cover tunable biocompatible materials such as hydrogels, fibers, proteins, carbohydrates, nano/micro-porous scaffolds, and metals, to modulate stem cell microenvironments.

Cell-Based Bio-Manufacturing

Much research has focused on the implantation of cells and cell-derived proteins with or without scaffolds for tissue regeneration. Scaling up such approaches to manufacturing presents issues that are not often considered in experimental planning at the level of academic labs. This workshop will allow two leaders in commercial applications of regenerative medicine to discuss their experiences and to explain some of the constraints to expect when considering moving lab-scale approaches to large-scale manufacturing.